JavaScript: More Relevant than Ever

It wasn’t long ago that my peers would look at me like I had some kind of mental defect when I mentioned how much I like JavaScript. Now developers are realizing that JavaScript – while it has some warts – isn’t as horrible as they had thought. It’s just poorly understood.

Just a few years ago JavaScript was best known for bringing irritating effects to web pages such as pop-ups and distracting animations. While those things still happen, now developers are building complete rich Internet applications in JavaScript. It doesn’t stop there either. JavaScript has made massive advances on the server side with projects like Node.js where it has a reputation for delivering high performance IO for huge numbers of concurrent clients with limited server side resources. In the mobile arena JavaScript is used to power PhoneGap applications on iOS (iPhone/iPad), BlackBerry, Android and more. With Windows 8 Microsoft is encouraging developers to build desktop applications with JavaScript too. There is no other programming language which shares the kind of reach JavaScript enjoys.

This year TUG (the Toronto User Group for Power Systems) has added a JavaScript class to their night school offering, and I’m pleased to say that I (Vic Metcalfe) have the privilege of teaching it. If you’ve thought about learning JavaScript but didn’t know where to begin, or you started learning the basics but lost your way trying to figure out things like closures, prototypes and lexical scope then this class may be a good fit for you.

The class will run for four weeks. Each class will include both lecture and lab components. The first three evenings will guide you through the JavaScript language, and the final night will introduce you to how JavaScript interacts with its environments, touching on the browser (DOM the Document Object Model) plus server, mobile and desktop environments.  The classes will be aimed at people with some programming experience, but not necessarily with JavaScript.

Of course I’m also open to suggestions on what you would specifically like to see covered. Please feel free to add your comments or questions below.

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One Response to JavaScript: More Relevant than Ever

  1. tnsseneca says:

    Thanks Vic! WeI look to you to “show the way!!” We will welcome more folks from the PHP meetup as wel Mark

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