2012 Fall TNS Program Released

Night School

TUG is offering a non-profit, high-value, instructor-led, hands-on training that is designed for minimal conflict with your day-to-day operations because it is conducted on weekday evenings. You can select one or more offerings. It is only possible because of the relationship between TUG and Seneca@York. Attendees have access to IBM Systems and software which are part of the Academic Computing Systems at Seneca and York University. 

Go to www.tug.ca to register. Use this blog to explore the offerings and offer comments.


About markbuchner

IBM Systems Veteran. 7 years IBM Canada Lab. (COBOL compiler App Dev tools). 3 Years Cognos (Port PowerHouse to IBM SYstems). 19 Years ASTECH Solutions (Training over 15,000 IBMers, Partners, running programs such as AD Program, Shark Camp, Top Gun). Executive Director of Toronto Users Group for POWER systems. Professor, Seneca@York U teaching Linux, Unix, IBM Systems and Project Management. Managing Partner, COSAM Systems Inc. Certified IBM trainer for POWER Systems sales (AIX and Linux) as well as IBM Systems Storage sales.
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