RPGOA203 – RPG Open Access


Open Access provides a way for RPG programmers to use the simple and wellunderstood RPG I/O model to access resources and devices that are not directly supported by RPG.

Open Access opens up RPG’s file I/O capabilities, allowing anyone to write innovative I/O handlers to access other devices and resources such as:

  • Browsers
  • Mobile devices
  • Cloud computing resources
  • Web services
  • External databases
  • ML files
  • Spreadsheets.

An Open Access application has three parts:

1. An RPG program that uses normal RPG coding to define an Open Access file and use I/O operations against the file.

2. A handler procedure or program that is called by Open Access to handle the I/O operations for the file.

3. The resource or device that the handler is using or communicating with.

Target audience: Systems i developers looking to modernize existing ap

The class will provide hands-on, using Rational Devloper for Power covering all of:

  • RPG coding for Open Access file
  • Handler Coding
  • Passing Parameters between RPG and the handler
  • Internal Interfaces
  • I/O data and data structures
  • State information

Tuition fee: $350 plus HST

Times: : 7:00 – 9:00 pm Room 3074 TEL Building York U Keele Campus

28-Mar 4-Apr 11-Apr 18-Apr

Your Instructor: Garry Kipfer

Garry Kipfer  has over 35 years experience in midrange Systems, 33 of those years with IBM.   During that period, he has worked in traditional Application Development, Client Server applications,   Data Warehousing, WebSphere application implementation, AS/400 performance, and DB2/400 UDB.

Garry has authored a red paper on the WebSphere Development Tools for the AS/400 and had various positions   in national technical support and as an instructor in IBM’s marketing training programs.

He is now an independent contractor and teaches System i courses for IBM and is associated with   Databorough Services who is a provider of productivity and modernization tools as well as COSAM Systems Inc.

IBM Canada Lab is providing support and guest instructors for this session, including Barbara Morris.



Click here   http://www.tug.ca/tns/TNSReg.html


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