RWS203 – Web Services for i using RDP

Course: RWS203 Exploring Web Services on i with Rational
As part of the TUG Night School “Exploring” program, this class provides face-to-face, instructor-led, hands-on tutorials and seminars that provide a means for developers to improve their coding craft with popular products. This class demonstrates the productivity advantages of Rational Developer for Power by creating and consuming Web Services with the System i. Students will become proficient and comfortable coding applications a using a SOA model.

Target Audience: This class is oriented to System i developers who have been using RPG, DDS, SEU, SDA and other 5250 user interfaces and procedural languages. Many users now need to integrate the systems they have built into a new architectural model, typically one that includes standard ERP software. To accomplish this, there is pressure for the existing application to be “black boxed” and integrated to the other systems (and vice versa). Web Services is the platform agnostic and SOA (Services Oriented Architecture) way of accomplishing this. Thus, there is high demand for repurposing/wrapping of existing RPG-based systems as Web Services.

Prerequisites: IBM iSeries basic programming.

Learning outcomes: Upon successful completion of the class students will be able to provide integrated Web Services on I with emphasis on Scott Klement APIs and how they work with RPG.

  • Install and configuration
  • Workspace creation with RDP
  • Web Services: SOAP, REST, POX
  • Creating a Web Service using RPG and EGL
  • Consuming a Web Services
  • Using Web Serive Explorer with EGL
  • RPG with EGL and HTTPI
  • Practical examples, illustrations and labs

Lab work involves entering the SQL code in pre-existing RPG programs and getting help from the instructor


Instructor: Claus Weiss
Claus Weiss Claus Weiss is an independent consultant and speaker, and an expert on numerous System i topics, including Web Services. Before retiring from IBM, Claus was an advisory software consultant with the iSeries Application Development Tools team at the IBM Canada Toronto Laboratory. He has an Industrial Engineer degree and a Computer Science degree from the University of Hamburg, Germany. Claus worked as a systems engineer with IBM Germany and joined the IBM Toronto Laboratory in 1984. He was a developer and teamleader for System/38 development tools and was a member of the Design Control Group for the AS/400 development tools. Claus also worked as a planner for iSeries Application Development for over twelve years, specializing in Visual Tools.


SQL203 Course information:

Date Location Time
Mon Nov 19 York University TEL Building (Seneca@York) Room T3074 7:00 – 9:00
Mon Nov 26 York University TEL Building (Seneca@York) Room T3074 7:00 – 9:00
Mon Dec 3 York University TEL Building (Seneca@York) Room T3074 7:00 – 9:00
Thu Nov 4 York University TEL Building (Seneca@York) Room T3074 7:00 – 9:00

Fee: $425

Registration: For registration, visit the Toronto users Group for IBM Systems site at

Materials: Each session will include lecture and labs, with students working on a number of assignments and labs. The classes will be conducted at labs in the Seneca School of Computer Studies at York University Keele Street Campus. The Seneca systems provide access to both Rational Developer for Power on Microsoft Windows clients coupled to IBM i environments.


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