SQL203 – SQL for iSeries

Course: SQL203 Exploring SQL on i
As part of the TUG Night School ‘Exploring” program, this class provides face-to-face, instructor-led, hands-on tutorials and seminars that provide a means for developers to improve their coding craft with popular products. This class specifically focuses on using SQL in the IBM i environment. This is consistent with modern, scalable and high performance RDBMS practices and enhances the technical vitality of the students.
Target Audience: The class is aimed at IBM iSeries developers who are modernizing their applications. Use of SQL is a must-do on the path to application modernization. You do not have to be an RPGLE developer.

Prerequisites: IBM iSeries basic programming.

Learning outcomes: Upon successful completion of the class students will be able iscuss SQL code and then embed it into working RPGLE programs.
Class Activities:
In an RPGLE Program

  • Embed simple SQL statements
  • Using a User Created SQL function
  • Using an SQL Cursor
  • SQL and Commitment Control

Without RPGLE (time permitting)

  • Create a working SQL Trigger

Lab work involves entering the SQL code in pre-existing RPG programs and getting help from the instructor

Instructor: Russell Pangborn
Russell Pangborn Russell Pangborn is a Professor at Seneca College who has been largely responsible for its IBM and iSeries curriculum. He has familiarized thousands of students with IBM i technology and has received special awards from IBM Corporation for his contribution to technical vitality within the IBM iSeries community. These TNS classes include highlights and proven labs from his regular and advanced iSeries college curriculum. Russ’s sessions have received high praise and deliver considerable value to the student.



SQL203 Course information:

Date Location Time
Thu Sep 20 York University TEL Building (Seneca@York) Room T2107 7:00 – 9:00
Thu Sep 27 York University TEL Building (Seneca@York) Room T2107 7:00 – 9:00
Thu Oct 4 York University TEL Building (Seneca@York) Room T2107 7:00 – 9:00
Thu Oct 11 York University TEL Building (Seneca@York) Room T2107 7:00 – 9:00

Fee: $425

Registration: For registration, visit the Toronto users Group for IBM Systems site at www.tug.ca

Materials: Students will be provided logins to utilize workstations in the labs. The class materials including lectures and code samples will be available to students. Students receive a login on Seneca’s Zeus server which they can access on campus and rompotely. They will use the Zeus server to conduct all their exercises.


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