Course: JS201 Exploring JavaScript
As part of the TUG Night School ‘Exploring” program, this class provides face-to-face, instructor led, hands-on tutorials and seminars enabling introductory skills to modern application development languages and tools. This class specifically focusses on JavaScript and associated technologies using a full open source solution stack. JavaScipt is arguably the most-used and highest growth development language of the web.
Target Audience: Application developers with interest in dynamic websites, mobile computing, social networking, “big data” data stores and more.

Prerequisites: This class assumes basic programming and web development knowledge. TUG’s 1xx level classes, specifically WEB101 which provides an intro to HTML are excellent prerequisites for those without web experience.

Learning outcomes: Upon successful completion of the class students will be able to:

  • Recognize the role of JavaScript in dynamic web application development
  • Utilize JavaScript’s strategic advantage of being executed on both client and server
  • Develop simple JavaScript applications for deployment in various client environments including mobile and desktop
  • Implement JavaScript code using its inherent OO programming concepts
  • Investigate node.js as the deployment environment for JavaScript on the server
  • Develop server-based JavaScript code using node.js that leverages the unique advantages of working with both client and server using a common language
  • Recognize business opportunities presented by next generational “Big Data” , “Document DB” and “No-SQL” data store and contract to legacy relational/SQL databases.
  • Design and integrate mongo.db data store representing above.

Instructor: Wallace Trenholm
Walace TrenholmWally is the Founder and CEO of Sightline Innovation Inc., a Toronto-based technology company providing technical project management, research and development, and system implementation services. Sightline’s 2012 research and development portfolio includes mobile C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) prototyping for first responder and defense applications, such as in the SaRASA project. (specialized Search and Rescue C4ISR platform) to integrate and process Synthetic Aperature Radar imagery from space-based and aircraft-based platforms, outputting analysis to operatives using commercial-off-the-shelf mobile devices. Before Sightline, Wallace founded a company called Epoch Integration Inc. in 1997, which became one of the first mobile application developer companies in Canada. Epoch was acquired by Research In Motion in 2006 and Wallace managed the projects to integrate Epoch’s team and technology in RIM operations, which became the basis for BlackBerry’s current monitoring infrastructure. Wallace began his professional technology career working for the University of Western Ontario in 1995, where he also received a Computer Science B.Sc. in 1997.

JS201 Course information:

Date Location Time
Mon, Nov 12 York University TEL Building (Seneca@York) Room T3074 7:00 – 9:00
Mon, Nov 19 York University TEL Building (Seneca@York) Room T3074 7:00 – 9:00
Mon, Nov 26 York University TEL Building (Seneca@York) Room T3074 7:00 – 9:00

Fee: $250

Registration: For registration, visit the Toronto users Group for IBM Systems site at www.tug.ca

Materials: Student will be provided with logins utilize workstations in the labs. Course materials will be provided through the web including sample code and labs. Students may, but no not need to provide their own laptops which will be able to access the internet through provided Senenet IDs. Student can continue to work with their code from home or other locations.


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