Course: LIN101 First Step with Linux commands and scripts

As part of the TUG Night School “First Step” program, this class provides elementary, introductory, face-to-face, instructor-led, hands-on tutorials and seminars that provide an introduction to popular open systems products. This class specifically focusses on Linux and associated technologies. Linux and Unix are fundamentally similar: with Linux being open source and Unix being proprietary. Linux is arguably the highest growth server operating system in the world.


Target Audience: The class is ideal for classic IBM Systems users who are interested in stepping out of their existing environment to explore Linux/ UNIX in a fun environment. Students will want to go beyond theory and rhetoric and get practical “hands-on”.


Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites. Everyone is welcome.


Learning outcomes: Upon successful completion of the class students will be able to:


  • Recognize the role of Open Source and GNU Licensing
  • Understand the origins and differences between Linux and UNIX
  • Recognize the basic architecture and role of the Linux shell and kernel
  • Learn and use simple Linux shell commands and popular options
  • Understand the basic concept of Linux files, directories and stream IO
  • Learn how to create absolute and relative pathnames including filename expansion and globbing
  • Understand basic Linux security model including chmod command
  • Use valuable Linux functions such as redirection and piping
  • Program basic BASH shell scripts including use positional parameters, variable substitution and simple logic




Instructor: Mark Buchner
Mark has over 30 years experience in the IBM Systems market. He spent 7 years in the IBM Lab, developing and managing AS/400 Languages and Utilities. He was recruited by Cognos where he led the port of the PowerHouse product (2M LOC of C in Unix) to AS/400. After this project, he founded ASTECH Solutions and spent 20 consulting for worldwide cleints and managing of a number of major IBM programs including AD Program, Shark Camp, OutSmart the Competition, Top Gun and Systems Advisor Tool. He’s personally trained over 10,000 IBMers and partners and travelled to over 80 IBM locations/countries. Today, he also works as a professor at Seneca College and runs the IT Project Practicum for senior Computer Programming and Anaysis students as well as teaching Linux and C++.




LIN101 Course information:


Date Location Time
Thu Oct 4 York University TEL Building (Seneca@York) Room T2107 7:00 – 9:00
Thu Oct 11 York University TEL Building (Seneca@York) Room T2107 7:00 – 9:00


Fee: $99 (Promotional Price)
Registration: For registration, visit the Toronto users Group for IBM Systems site at
Materials: Student will be provided with logins to utilize workstations in the labs. The class will use Seneca’s Matrix SUSE Linux cluster which is accessible directly at Seneca or online using Secure Shell (SSH). Students will also receive instruction on how to use Ubuntu Live Linux and virtualize their laptops using Oracle Virtualbox.



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